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 And I will walk at liberty; for I seek thy precepts
                     WORD of the LORD
Given on Sept. 19, 2001 at 2:45 am
Psalms 119: 45 
And I will walk at liberty; for I seek thy precepts

Hear Me, Hear Me, children Saith the LORD God. I am with you in this season and time as never before. For lo I say unto you gross darkness shall come over the earth but know ye this as the enemy prepares for the final battle of the ages, know this My children, that I have equipped you I have empowered you to stand not alone in yourself but mighty in the Holy Ghost and the Power of My HOLY Name, My Name YAHSHUA . That is above every name and every knee shall bow and tongue confess that YAHSHUA (Jesus Christ) is Lord. 

Not many days and I will pour out of My River, My Glory that will cover the earth. Hear Me now. For now faith is. Today is the Day of Salvation, look up for your Redemption Draweth Neigh. Many of MY Angelic Hosts will escort you to and fro as needed. I am with you always to the end of the earth and more. I have equipped you and I have anointed, and appointed you for such a time as this. Do not shrink back, do not look to the north, east or the west for your help will come through the south winds of My time, says God, and will propel you My Army into the next generation of Time for soon and very soon I Come. I Come! Lean not onto your own understanding says God, for My strategy of war is a unique strategy that will be waged and won through much prayer, yet much wisdom. Faint not! Though the turbulence is great. Greater is your reward as you stand in faith. Holy upright before Me. 

I am stirring America to war in the physical as in the spiritual for this battle is two fold
with many layers, says God. But know this, Prussia will roar, but the Lion of the Tribe of Judah roars with power, authority, and judgment against unrighteousness, unholiness, uncleanness, and every wicked thing be it demonic, or wicked human spirits. My roar will make the heavens shake, the mountain to buckle, Says God but the end is still not come. 
So awaken from your sleep and slumber America, for your hour is at hand to Cleanse Your Land and Present Yourself to ME Anew and Afresh for I am a Jealous GOD, and I have suffered long with you and for you. 
You have adulterated yourself and prostituted your own children and when that wasn't enough you slew them to Moloch. Oh how I loathed for what you became, Yet I have called the wind of judgment to come from afar and within and though you cry for your loss, says God, how much more you should Cry in Repentance for the blood of your (cubs) that has been shed upon the beds and altars of false gods, of Greed, Yes even Fertility, how I raged in MY anger to draw my spear against you, though yet a little while longer. 

For I have Revived you and shook you America, and will shake you to your foundation and your gods will fall all around you and what a day that will be when you return back to Me, saith God, for I will wash you and dress you once more and I will even the score for Zion's sake says The Lord. Therefore Repent!! Be thou Holy as I am Holy! Says God, for MY EYES are searching to and fro throughout the earth for surely travail comes quickly and delivery is at hand. Quickly possess the land for this is the beginning of the end of the end of this age. Says God almighty.
Given on Sept. 19, 2001 at 2:45 am

Kim Kraemer
JMI Ministries Intl.

I just want to share with you all. That on Monday Labor Day while I was in my Prayer closet... The Spirit of The Lord was upon me in the most intense intercession of my life. A life and death intercession. During this TIME The Holy Spirit Said many are going home, Mercy, Mercy, Mercy Holy GOD, murder, murder murder. And I heard this scripture Jeremiah 31:15 THUS SAITH THE LORD; A voice was heard in Ra-math, LAMENTATION, and BITTER WEEPING; Rachel weeping for her children, refused to be comforted for her children, because they were not. I knew then that something catastrophic was about to happen. And the word murder disturbed me beyond measure. I myself was not comforted and wept for days on and off. The events that followed on 9-11-01 eight days later have continued to grieve our hearts for this Nation and Israel. Out of this devastating tragedy will be a New Beginning for our Nation and The Body of Christ Jesus. We MUST STAND UNITED IN PRAYER FOR GODS PROTECTION AND DIVINE INTERVENTION. This IS our TIME to Stand and Shine, CHURCH! AMERICA WE MUST TURN BACK TO YAHVEH GOD, NOW
Note: YAHveh is The Hebrew NAME of GOD and YAHshua is THE Hebrew for JESUS CHRIST WHO IS GOD
Note: Cubs definition in dictionary: a young and inexperienced person, esp. a callow youth or young man.
Note: Prussia is united Germany
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