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Kim Kraemer January 1, 1999

Yea!  Many a man have desired to be and to see what you shall see in the days ahead.  For, Lo,  I Come in Great Power and Speed to Hasten My word to Perform It.   The Bride shall be taken, very Soon.  For Yea!  I Come.  I earnestly  Await to Come unto My Bride sayeth the Lord of Hosts.  I will Perform that which needs to be done according to My Word even from The Ancient of Days.  For Yea!  I Love to Perform,  I Love to Do That which is Pleasing in My Sight, in My Hearing. Not many days hence and you shall see My Glory Revealed in a Greater Measure, than ever before in times past.  All of Creation is Yearning and Crying out to Me,, to be delivered of their burdens,  of  bondages,  of heaviness and travail.  Yea!  tragedy has come upon many a place in the land,  but My Glory will Prevail.  Hope thou in Me,  Says the Lord thy God Hope thou in Me.  I Will Never leave nor forsake You, Hope thou in Me.  Have Faith to The End!   For Yea!   I Shall Perform That which needs to be done in Your Lives.  That My Plan for You shall be manifest.   Continue to Pray for The Peace of Jerusalem.  Cry Out on Her behalf in the land.  For Lo,  I Will Hasten My Word Concerning Jerusalem.
Says the Lord! posted on Fri Aug 2 15:20:23 2002 by Kim Kraemer