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 Calling My Prophets

Kim Kraemer  12-31-98

*April 29, 1990*
Have I not said, that I am calling my prophets out? Step into the waters, the rivers that are flowing, of Love, Compassion, Healing, Power, and Wisdom. Step into~flow in them with Him~not in your own strength. He is calling His Prophets out~to Go forth to do His Work. Each have their own part in this end time. All are very vital. Each part of the Body is knit together, is knitting. He is calling forth His People to Pray with All Prayer and Supplication. Fearless in Reverence of Him. They must apply the whole armor of God. He is organizing the whole Body of Christ. Everyone is coming into Place in the Body. They Will Be' in their Proper Place, and they will know where their Place Is. There are Many that do not know where their Place is, but the Time is coming and is at Hand that they Will Be Moved Into It! Now in Jesus Christ It Will be United, in Unity, To Stand!
It will be common knowledge to see 10's & 20's of Prophets in a congregation. His Prophets will know each other for their spirits will witness. Many are being called right now.
"Also while this was being given a vision of the Lord Crossing Over A Bridge (was given) which was White in color, over a River that was flowing with Blood. Which was getting higher and higher. Jesus said "He was Crossing Over and Touching Those~ who had been Stone Cold in the Congregation~ Bridging the Gap."
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